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Every minute, many households depend on electricity to handle everything. From powering the refrigerator or the TV to simply turning on lights, your family depends upon electricity for virtually all their daily functions inside the home. Be that as it may, power without outlets is truly pointless.

Broken outlets or outlets that don’t give enough capacity to an apparatus are disappointing and can even be perilous. When a family is in need of having their outlets repaired or upgraded, they need the help of a local electrician to make this happen.

Generator Sales

Finding the right generator for your building and appliances is one of the first things you will need to do. If you don’t know a lot about generators, you can rely on our extensive knowledge for help with this important decision. At Electric WorkForce, we stock only the best brands and models. There are two standard types of generators to choose from, and each can be useful for their specific purposes.

Portable generators are smaller and they are usually used to power a few small appliances and last for several hours. They can be an excellent option for homes that only experience occasional power outages that don’t last very long. These generators need to be switched on manually either by connecting the desired appliances directly to the generator and turning it on or by having a professional electrician install a manual transfer switch to your circuit.

The second type is a standby generator or a whole-home generator. This type of generator is becoming more popular because of its convenience and reliability. While portable generators can only power a few appliances for a short amount of time, whole-home generators can supply power to many more appliances and they will power up automatically as soon as the power goes off. This type of system needs to be installed by a licensed electrician and will then remain in place indefinitely. They are enough to power your HVAC system, your refrigerator, your lights, and your electrical medical equipment.

Generator Installation

For some residents in the Oak Brook area, a power outage may present more of an inconvenience than anything else. Some associate it with a cozy candlelit evening and a warm blanket in lieu of a heater. However, the extreme temperatures of a frosty winter, medical complications, or the necessity of keeping a business running can make power outages nothing short of an emergency. A backup generator for your home or business gives you the peace of knowing that you are protected in the event of a power outage.

Generator installation is never a task that you should undertake without the help of an electrician. Professional installation of your generator is essential for both manual and automatic transfer switches and whole-home generators. Our installation services are designed to give you a seamless transition to your generator within seconds of a power outage.

Before installing your generator, we will have a conversation with you about what you need from your generator. They can power your food storage appliances, medical equipment, computers, HVAC system, water heaters, security systems, and much more. Your electrical needs will determine the size of the generator that you will need. After this discussion, we will install your generator and test it to make sure it is in perfect condition and ready to turn on at a moment’s notice.

Generator Repair

When it comes to keeping your home or business powered during a power outage, you want to make sure you have the best electrician on hand for your generator repair needs. We know that an outage can strike at any time so we never drag our feet on a generator repair. Rely on us for fast service without delays.

While your generator should be serviced regularly to avoid big problems, you should still check your generator periodically in between service appointments to look for any signs that a repair is needed. Check your generator to make sure there is no noticeable damage, missing pieces, or loose cords on the exterior of your generator. Turn it on to make sure it is still running, and look for any signs of leaking. Many generators today will include an alert system that will let you know as soon as there is something wrong with your generator.

As soon as you notice a problem or your self-testing generator gives you an alert, call our team at Electric WorkForce for diagnostics and repair. We service all brands and models and we ensure the highest quality repairs.

Generator Maintenance

Preventative maintenance for your standby generator is always going to be more economical, more convenient, and less dangerous than waiting for a breakdown to have it serviced. If your generator isn’t properly maintained, most breakdown events will occur during a power outage, leaving you without power in an emergency situation.

Many of the generators that we install come with a maintenance schedule that is easy to follow and specific to the model you purchased. We strongly recommend that you follow this schedule by checking the oil frequently and running it weekly. We also strongly recommend having your generator inspected by a professional electrician once or twice per year.

During a yearly inspection, we will change the oil and filter of your generator, check the alternators and transfer switches for optimal operation, check and clean the battery terminals, inspect the area around the generator to make sure it is clear, check fuel supply lines and fuel pressure, and test the transfer switch. We will simulate a power outage to make sure the system turns on quickly and operates smoothly. We will then give you a detailed report of everything that needs to be done.

Having a trustworthy provider for all of your generator needs is essential for ensuring that it is ready to turn on during an emergency. Our experience and excellent customer service make us your best choice in Oak Brook and the surrounding areas. Call us today for generator sales, installation, and service.

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