Electrical Panel Installation Services

Your electrical panel routes electricity from the electric company’s power line throughout your home and control the supply of energy to each circuit. A problem in your electrical panel can have repercussions throughout your home. Frequent tripping of breakers and nonworking outlets are clear signs that it’s time to call in a professional electrician. An electrician can make the necessary repairs to restore your home’s electrical system to proper working order.

Your electrical panel could be located in a utility closet, in your basement or garage, or outdoors, on an exterior wall. Every homeowner should be able to access their electrical panel quickly and know how it operates. There are older panel models that are no longer approved for residential use because of potential safety issues. If you are unsure of the age of your electrical panel then an electrician can find that out for you.

When should you replace your electrical panel?

Breakers are used to control the amount of electricity that flows into a circuit. If a circuit is overloaded, the electricity flow will be stopped by the breaker. You may have encountered this situation when you had a lot of appliances turned on at the same time. For this to be fixed, all you need to do is unplug the devices and reset the breaker.

Nonetheless, if this is happening regularly, you may need professional service to help replace your old panel with a new one that will provide sufficient power for your home to meet all its needs. Of course, if it’s just one breaker that keeps tripping even if the system is not overloaded, it’s probably the breaker and replacing it will solve the issue.

When you find that you’re having to replace individual breakers frequently, it may make more sense to upgrade to a newer panel. If you “inherited” the panel from the previous owner of your home and aren’t sure how old it is, a mix of different breaker brands and colors is a good visual indication that a number of breakers have had to be replaced.

Whenever you are getting a new appliance, you should always have your electrician make sure it is compatible with your electric panel so that you don’t overload your system. This is all the more important if the new appliance that you will install needs more electricity to run. If your new appliance is not compatible with your panel, then it may require a new panel.

New panels are now fitted with AFCI outlets that are used for preventing fires caused by jumping electricity. In case you have a panel that was installed before 1999, this safety feature might not be installed. If there are no AFCI outlets at the panel or at circuit starts around the house, you could be at risk.

The professional electrician will do an inspection on your outlets and panel. If your panel has no other problems, it may be more cost-effective to mount AFCI outlets at the end of each circuit than replace the entire panel.

Any signs of rust or corrosion around your electrical panel is cause for concern because replacement may be required. The panels that have undergone wear and tear are prone to surge, fire, or other kind of damages, if they are not taken care of appropriately.

Other signs that your panel needs replacing include:

  • appliances overheating quickly when plugged in
  • popping or other noises coming from the breaker box
  • hissing
  • burn marks on panel or outlets
  • burning smell coming from panel
  • melted electrical wires
  • lights flickering when appliances are in use
  • panel is warm or hot to the touch

On the off chance that you see anything strange occurring with your home’s power, contact an expert immediately. An overloaded circuit could end up damaging or destroying anything that is plugged into it. If you ignore the signs of a faulty panel, it can be hazardous and costly. A faulty electrical panel can cause a fire and electrocute someone.

Electrical panels should last a fairly long time but will eventually be degraded by wear and tear. Electrical wires are likely to become frayed or worn after many years. In addition, rodents may start chewing on your wires, and therefore disrupt your system. Regardless of the issue you’re experiencing, an electrician will be able to assess the damage and let you know what you need to do.

A total panel replacement may be a necessary investment, or the repair could be as simple as replacing a wire. In such a situation, you could have your electrician discuss with you all available alternatives and get you installed the new panel so that your home can have dependable electricity once more.

In order to guarantee the safety of your family and appliances from electrical risks, have a professional inspect your panel. Only a professional electrician should deal with repairing or replacing an electrical panel. If you are unfamiliar with electric work, you could cause further damage and even seriously harm yourself. These professionals are able to quickly and safely service your electric needs, as they are trained for all problems.